Bakkalus Thoe:

The Thoe are small, pale creatures, humanoid but with smooth, rounded features that make humans look rather angular in comparison. The Thoe are a race of peace, a state which they attempt to attain by simple preser- vation. Few creatures can harm them severely, and even fewer can kill them with any reasonable amount of effort.

Thoe are quick studies in a myriad of defensive forms, employing speed, quickness, and sheer resistance into their repertoire. As such, the Thoe have developed a resistance to any and all forms of attack, regardless of their source; their study of tactics also makes it difficult for any creature with the Thoe's full attention to consistently attack at full effectiveness. As the simple physical bludgeon or slash is perhaps the most common form of offense, the Thoe have become especially resistant to such physical onslaughts, taking massive hits that make them seemingly invulnerable at times.