The Fallad:

The healers of the realm. Much like the lo-fent, the fallad seeks to rid the world of all that is evil. However, where the lo-fent chooses the way of the sword and hammer, the fallad seeks the way of magic and will. They agree that force is the only way to remove the darkness that clouds the land, but they do not believe the sword is enough. They believe the light can only truly be used to return darkness to whence it came. The use of this light must come through the power of the ancient arcane arts. While the sword does indeed destroy the darkness, it does not fully cleanse the evil. The sword will only eliminate the physical presence, leaving behind a spiritual root that will one day return again.

The fallad believes that through their magic, that the dark rootings of evil can be severed. Through this severing, all evil can finally be removed from the realm. This is the reasoning that motivates these creatures to learn. And through their learning they gain mastery in both offensive and defensive magics. The fallad is able to protect those who fight along side them, while assisting the offensive side of battle with an array of devastating spells.

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