What components are needed to create the <wrist> for Thad so that I can create items with Artistry

Thad has assigned you a task - bring him a crafted wristband of crude or average quality. With this item, he will reveal to you the techniques of beginning Artistry. 

hit/quickness and speed/strength are the two stat sets that I know of that create wristbands.  

  •  hit/quickness: golden yew/roughened leather

  •  speed/strength: toughened leather/oak

How many of each mob is needed for San'vestra's Quest Rumil (4 salvages) 160 strong archers
160 learned mages
0 summoned beast
100 strong archers
100 learned mages
1 summoned beast

Fens (4 salvages) 250 dragonfly
140 bladderwort
80 tree

Hades (4 salvages) 80 archfiend
40 demon-thrall hunter
60 enslaved hellion

Stormhaven (4 salvages) 1 king
1 poi 50 demon
50 demon
50 elite

Penumbra (Viscedra) Pins

Katahdin (Viscedra) Pins

Dragonspine Wyvern - 160 /easy
Black - 140 Red - 120
Blue - 100
Green - 80 /hard

10 Inciter Summoned Mobs:
1) the matriarch Skrythe [160 wyv]
2) the Brood-mother Somnara [140 black]
3) the Brood-mother Glivan [100 blue]
4) Brood-mother Felisstra [120 red]
5) the Brood-mother Siv [80 green]
6) the Bog Tyrant [wyv/black]
7) the Ash Tyrant [black/red]
8) River Tyrant [green/blue]
9) the Ichor Tyrant [blue/red]
10) The Chromatic Progenitor [all]

Secret Fen Mobs and Repop Lines

The Invisible mobs in fens that auto-load 2 salvages might need to spam target in different areas around fens to find them.

target blood
target night
target sprite
target ochre
target chimericon
target annelid
target mutated

Repop Lines of the Secret Mobs.

Mutated Bladderwort The sound of frantic splashing in the distance fades as quickly as it started.

Nightshade A piercing chill briefly caresses the marshlands.

Ochre An uneasy feeling steals up the back of your neck - something is amiss.

Annelid An insistent clicking sound erupts from nothing, then swiftly recedes.

Sprite A harsh buzzing sounds throughout the Fens, and then abruptly ceases.

Chimericon Unpleasant sounds ring out through the distant corners of the marsh.

Blood Leech A deathly silence swiftly and suddenly sweeps over Rogha.